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We offer respectful long term relationship, commitment and a ton of joy.

We believe in doing things right from the beginning and having fun along the way.

We hope that you share our believes in sustainable solutions.




We provide consulting services within flexible food packaging with flexography as main printing method. Our expertise in graphic design and printing is technical and very crucial. We provide technical knowledge by finding the best solutions for you and your product, regardless of design agency or printing house you work with. Our solutions differ from today’s way of working because we give you tools to work with the right thing in the right order all the way to the final print. We are completely independent partner who makes sure that everything goes right through the entire process. Contact us for more information.


She recognizes easily customers needs and listens to their strategies and visions in order to optimize production, develop products or services and create more value for the customer.

She is good in communicating with the customer and partners in a simple and understandable way.

Mats Lind

MD - Linds Flexo AB


Danijela has the ability to be a good coordinator between production, customers and marketing departments.

She has worked with many large accounts and their marketing departments such as Zoegas, Santa Maria, Dafgårds, Continental Bakeries Leerdamer etc. and has a large contact network.

Jan Karlsson

Plant Manager - Flextrus Halmstad


She comes with solutions and finds innovative ways to get the best offer and print solutions.

Ever since the beginning Danijela was very professional, helpful, creative and transparent.

Tanja Wirholm

Project Lead Nordics Starbucks - Nestlé



By having the right requirements before your design goes into the printing machine you get a better control over the process and final print.

For the sake of precious time in the production right claim is necessary for all parts in the process, brand owners and printing houses. By delivering the right information to your printing house and you getting the correct information from the beginning will save everyone time and money.

The requirements stand in both directions and provide benefits for all parts. We can help you with doing the right claim for your ”design to print” process so you can feel safe before printing start.


Besides environmental sustainability, we always work towards sustainable workflows with a focus on efficiency and quality.

We believe that good collaboration and teamwork gives sustainable longterm cooperation for all involved. We can also do a quick fix but choose not to.

We hope that you share our beliefs in sustainable solutions and relations. 


Our technical knowledge and expertise will help you find the best solution for best printing results.

We can help you with analysis of the design, whether it is brand new or existing, and advise you for improvement possibility and finding the smart solution that works all the way through the process.

Design optimization is possible in time by taking the right decision from the beginning. Contact us and save many hours of precious time.


We prefer early engagement in the project so we can provide the best technical solutions on time. If you have a longterm project that requires longer attendance we have special offer for this kind of collaboration. 


Customized courses based on your level of knowledge. Learn more about design and printing process and increase your knowledge for whole workflow in this part of  the packaging chain.

Knowledge is power, but right knowledge saves you valuable time and a lot of money. We are happy to help you in getting the right knowledge in area within:





Our long experience gives us the right to make statement that good prepress is crucial for finishing printing results.

With that said, we are ready to help you go through this stage ”painlessly”


It is not easy to understand every piece in the printing process. We are happy to help you through the entire process and be your guide when and if needed. 


Are you tired of educating and teaching new people about your workflow, design and printing process? Regardless of people, company or agency it is possible to have 

control over your printing process, from creative design stage to final print. 

If you need help to design and customize your workflow document with detailed instructions and specifications, we will be happy to help you with that.


Most of today’s food packaging are printed with flexography printing method. 

It is important to know technical limits in the process and be able to prevent many errors that may occur.

With our help you will get cost effective printing process and we will help you along the way to final print. 


More and more often there is no time to attend the printing start. We can be your eyes and make sure that every color and element in your graphic design looks like planned before final approval to print whole order. For best final results we prefer to be part of project from the beginning before we attend press start. Contact us for more information.


If you have other questions or unique issues regarding graphic design, prepress or printing do not hesitate to contact us. We have many years in graphical design, prepress and printing on flexibel substrate in food industry.

With our network we can help you find the best supplier and solution for your needs. 


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